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Legends Racing UK


HMS Racing are proud to be the sole parts distributor for the Legends Racing series. 



The Grid

Legends Cars UK don't use qualifying times to determine grid position. Instead, they use a ballot draw – each driver pulls a ball from a bag – the number and colour of the ball determines where on the grid he/she starts in their first race. These are reversed for a drivers second race so if you draw the inside of row one for your first race you’ll be on the outside of the back row for your second race. Each driver races three times during the course of the meeting, scoring points according to finishing positions in each race. The points are totalled at the end of the meeting to determine that meeting’s winners.


The Heats

Each race is a short, sharp, generally frantic affair. Depending on the circuit length, the cars race for between 7 and 12 laps. Because of the unique grid system, the fast and not-so-fast are mixed together, producing some hectic action as the quick drivers try to battle to the front.


The Final

Grid positions for the Final are determined by the points scored in the heats. However, we like to do things differently, and the highest points scorers start from the BACK. The action is more frantic than normal as most of the fast drivers are at the back, all trying to fight to the front at the same time.


The Result

Cars score points in each race – the points from each race are added together to determine the winner of the meeting. All points count towards the Championship.


Team Car

It is the CAR that scores the points, not the driver. This makes the series extra attractive to those on a tight budget – it is possible for two or more drivers to share a car for the season.


Rookie Championship

Each year’s new driver intake contest the Rookie Championship – a separate trophy within the main competition.

Legends Cars are 5/8 scale racers based on pre-war Ford, Chevy and Dodge bodies. Eight body styles are produced.

Wheel Base 73″

Overall Width 60″

Overall Length 10′ 6″

Height 46″

Engine Yamaha 1200/1250cc (sealed)

Horsepower 122 HP

Compression 10:1 Max

Weight 1,325 lbs. Including Driver

Tyres Legends Edition Control Tyre

Wheels 7″x13″ (width x diameter)

Suspension Coilover with Bilstein Shocks

Frame Full Tubeframe with Integral Rollcage

Harness FIA approved 5 point harness

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