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Alex Day

I grew up around cars with my dad being very car oriented. And with him doing some racing in the MG’s, Britcar. I followed him to the majority of them before starting indoor go-karting at the age of 8. I  moved to outdoor karting from 1-13 going from Honda cadets with an eye watering 7hp to an uncontrolled mini Max with 16hp.

Alex got behind the wheel of his first car at 14, the almighty Citroen Saxo, have some success winning 5 rounds on the bounce at brands and Snetterton. In 2015 I made the jump to Junior Ginetta, where we came into contact with mike that would later prove to a story in itself, allowing us to make contact with rob and his team at Exocet. 2016 and 17 were exam years for me so apart from getting my fiesta at the end of 2016 I hadn’t seen a race car since the winter series in 2015 in juniors.

2018 was the year we made the jump to  the Audi, racing in Britcar with some success running as a father-sun duo. And dad taking a step down from the Audi this year and stepping ‘up’ into the C1 has allowed me to start the TCR UK series, which hasn’t quite gone to plan but at the end of the day I’m a 19 year old driving a touring car... what more can a car boy ask

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